Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
The Lab assistant is a user-friendly system to computerize all the activities of a clinical laboratory.
A clinical laboratory deals with the receipt of various samples of the patients, processing and reporting of results.
Every new patient is assigned a unique reg. no. and a visit ID.
Lab assistant provides the following functionality : 
Order screen display all the orders placed for the Laboratory.
The equipment can be interfaced with Hospital Cura software so that the values of the test results against the sample ID can be automatically transferred to the system. If the equipment does not provide for or cannot be interfaced, then the system can also allow the report to be entered manually.
Some additional features :
It shows all the scheduled Tests for the Patients.
Different formats of reports have been provided according to the different type of Tests.
Only the authorized user can process & certify the results.
The user can generate the report, only after the report is marked as processed. Once the results are marked as certified, then the user will not be able to change that report.
Provision has been kept to associate the tests with the container so that when a Test is ordered, system will automatically determine which container to be used to collect the sample.
Results for all the Lab orders for the Patient can also be shown in Graphical display formats.
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