Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
Blood Bank
The Blood Bank Module caters to the following functions:
Donor Registration
System registers people during visit to donate the blood.
Donor Interview (Questionnaire)
System can also capture Donor Questionnaire that consists of question maintained in the master that will be entered by the user.
Donor Physical Checkup
The System will take physical checkup details record and compared with the specifications entered in the system. The donor is be deferred if he is not found fit to donate blood.
Donor Sample Acceptance and Testing & Typing
A Sample of donor blood is taken to screen for infectious diseases. Tests to be conducted is maintained in Screen Test Master Typing is carried out to determine the Blood Group of the Donor. If donor sample is cleared in all screen tests then Donor is forwarded to next level.
Blood Bag Assignment and Blood Collection
The Blood Bag must be given a unique number/label generated by the system.
Component Separation and Storing
Freezer and Shelf details is taken by the system for determining the location of storage and life of the component for retrieval.
Request for Blood
System will reserve the blood for the patient if it needs to be issued at time of surgery of patient.
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