Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
Doctor Management
The doctor and counseling module takes care of all the activities of a doctor in a hospital. This module has following features:
Doctors Availability
Doctors Schedule
Doctor Appointment Scheduling
Patient Diagnosis
Patient Consultation
Patient Discharge
Doctor Accounting

Doctor Appointment Scheduling
We can define the weekly visiting schedule of a doctor’s visit. We can also define the time slots for which he is available.
If the doctor is not available for a particular period, then his appointments
can be blocked during that duration. No appointments can be scheduled during the blocked period of the doctor
We can also mention the test to be performed on the patient during the appointment.
Appointments cannot overlap. If the appointment is fixed, then other patient can not take the appointment on the same time
If a patient cancels the appointment, then other patient can book the appointment.
A patient can book multiple appointments at the same time.
A doctor can view his monthly or daily appointment diary where all the appointment details are shown

Patient Diagnosis
We can define the diagnosis library where all diagnosis information is stored. Also, the different diseases for which this diagnosis is applicable can be defined.
The different tests to be performed and recommended drugs to be consumed are listed in the diagnosis master
When a disease is detected in a patient, then the appropriate diagnosis is selected based on the information in the diagnosis library.
Based on the patient diagnosis, the appointment is fixed to perform the required tests

Patient Consultation
If the consultation is based on an appointment, the required tests can be selected automatically
The doctor can consult the patient based on an appointment or the doctor can perform direct consultation
In case of an IP patient, the doctor can allocate the bed depending on his class.
The doctor can take deposit from the patient before consultation
The doctor can process the tests and write his comments on the tests
The doctor can prepare the bill for a patient
The doctor can enter the payment details of the bill. The visit can only be closed on full payment of the bill

Patient Discharge
The relieving doctor can enter the discharge type of a patient and his comments for the discharge.
The allocated bed is automatically becomes vacant after the patient is discharged.
If the bill is fully paid then the visit of a patient can be closed at the time of discharge.
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