Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
  Employee Reimbursement System
Employees that spend money in support of the business must be reimbursed, and expense report software is a simple way to track the process. Dewsoft’s Employee Reimbursement Management System (ERMS) automates the entire reimbursement process—from submission of expenses to approval and payment. It’s all done online!
  Preparing Your Reimbursment Request-
All the employee need is a computer and an Internet connection.
  The Approval Process-

The reimbursement request will be routed through an electronic workflow process beginning the moment request is submitted online.

Receiving Status Updates –

Employees can provide notification preferences such as E-mail, SMS on the user profile. All updates are sent via e-mail/ SMS, so it’s easy to track the status of the reimbursement request

The Reimbursement Management System provides the following benefits:
Organizes inefficient collection tasks in the most efficient manner..
Provides a mechanism for quantifying outstanding collection issues
Provides a mechanism for all parties involved in the collections process to interact.
Receivable history is tracked and communicated to all parties involved.
Reimbursement amounts can be compared against pre-assessed value to detect underpayments.
Enables the ability to learn from real responses. For instance, each denial that occurs is an opportunity to create a new rule in the Rules Engine to prevent the denial from happening again. This makes for excellent physician or hospital billing software.
The employee expense report software helps businesses maintain continuity when tracking employee spending.
Using informal reporting procedures can result in confusion about which expenses are reimbursed. Ensuring that both employees and employers have a record of which expenses were incurred and reimbursed can prevent future confusion as well.
In addition to reducing confusion, and providing a record of past reimbursements, Dewsoft’s Reimbursement software can also provide business owners with valuable information about spending trends. Understanding past spending history can help business owners make more accurate budgets for the future, as well as reducing spending in some cases.
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