Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
Financial Accounting

The Financial Accounting System is flexible, supports multiple currencies and can be configured with less effort. The features are given below:

Ledger Accounts & Heads Classification :
Ledger Account Head can be created & customized & classified under group & sub groups.
Posting of Entries to the General Ledger can be at real time.
Each transaction entered, apart from its details holds a unique number, date, revision status, operating user details and its source.
On line Audit system checks are available for validity of data defined in the system or by the user while creating accounts.
Trial Balance, Profit & Loss A/c and Balance Sheet :
Real-time, on line viewing or printing of Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet.
Outputs can be formatted as per user requirement.
Comparison of projected and actual figures.
Receivables & Payables :
Automatic real time update to Receivables & Payables sub Ledger
Customizable on screen reports based on single/multiple criteria.
Search facility to locate transaction/data based on any of input criteria.
Taxation :
Fully customizable taxation norms for every process, account and document with definable formulas.
Point of taxation can be defined for every process or document.
Taxation norm has been given unique number correlated to the process or document thus giving facility to change, alter and modify without affecting other document.
While changing norms the system notifies about the document, account or process affected by change.
Tax norms revision status can be maintained with effective date & detail of user affecting change.
Expenses & Petty Cash Register :
Real time update of expenses & Petty Cash Register.
Indication on Budgeted and Actual Difference.
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