Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
HR Management
The HR management module basically contains the following:
The software has a provision for training program plans generation and keeps a track of training conducted.
System provides tool for tracking Employee or Employed Doctors visits out of Hospitals.
Maintaining history of the Employees.
Payroll Module :
The payroll module caters to the following aspects :
Multi Currency Support
Hierarchy of employees along with grades & departments.
Users definable pay heads and pay & leave structure with conditions.
Software also allows inputs for muster from multiple options like Smart Card, Swap Card and Bar code etc.
System also has options to set up work shifts for employees.
Masters automatically calculate the salary based on the inputs.
System is also compatible with different tax structures.
Reports can be generated based on pre-defined formats.
It can also be integrated with Human Resource and accounting module.
System can export/import data from-to different applications
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