Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
  Insurance & Claims Management
Dewsoft’s Hospital Cura insurance claims module provides the healthcare service provider with a complete solution for managing the different needs of insurance handling. It is possible to add insurance companies' /TPAs’ lists with contact information for quick retrieval and fill outs
It offers a complete view of patient insurance benefits for healthcare industry applications. Program resolves issues such as delayed payment, rework, low patient satisfaction, billing errors, denials, and bad debt by delivering comprehensive insurance eligibility benefits and data..
  Key Features:-
Ensures patient privacy by utilizing latest technology
Streamlines the electronic medical claim submission and medical claim management process by reducing callbacks with insurers
Improves customer service as staff can access previously submitted inquiries when answering patient or insurance company questions .
Virtually eliminates the inefficiencies of verifying benefits by phone.
Comprehensive Management Reporting.
Dewsoft’s Hospital Cura insurance claims module automates processes, provides real-time visibility into the status of claims, and meets regulatory compliance mandates, while delivering the following business benefits:-
Improve productivity: Increase claims processing to tens of thousands per day
Improve profitability: Reduce processing costs
Timeliness of service: Improve member/customer satisfaction by monitoring every activity in real time.
Improve accuracy: Mitigate risks and negative financial implications by reducing painful iterations of correction and re-submission
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