Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
Dewsoft’s Hospital Cura Eye-EMR module is Electronic Medical Records software designed specifically for Ophthalmologists. Dewsoft’s Hospital Cura Eye-EMR represents a quantum leap in EMR user interface design for ophthalmology and optometry. It is easy to learn & implement and will actually increase your efficiency and productivity, and will help you provide a higher quality of care for your patients.
The software addresses the vast information needs of Ophthalmology specialty. The Ophthalmology specific EMR includes clinically-defined templates for common Ophthalmology complaints, history of present illness and review of systems. The system also includes Ophthalmology specific ICD and CPT Codes that are used to capture accurate charges and quickly generate electronic bills at the point of care. To meet specific practice needs, the software offers custom point-and-click templates as well as enhances current Ophthalmology templates.
  Key Functions:
Simple, Workflow Conscious Layouts:
Our software is laid out neatly, and organized by Ophthalmic responsibilities. This provides a clear path for data entry for the users, and enhances the workflow.
Coding Assistance: The Eye-EMR provides standardized coding assistance using ICD 10 & CPT disease classifications.
The Eye-EMR enables clinical support staff to document the bulk of the patient encounter so the provider simply has to complete the note with a few clicks. It is a tested solution for the busy workflow in today's eye surgeons and clinical staff.
Diagnostic/Document Review:
The EMR provides a facility to attach any patient document, image, investigation report, etc against a particular patient for future references.
Order Follow-up:
Orders can be marked for follow-up after the scheduled date. Unscheduled orders are listed, protecting patients from not receiving ordered care.
Patient Flow Management:
The EMR features a unique Patient Flow Management system that tracks your patients through your hospital/ clinic. The Doctor & supporting staff are notified when a patient is ready to be seen, allowing them to quickly pull up the patient's chart without having to search for the patient.
Lab Interfaces:
The EMR automatically imports lab investigation the moment they become available.
Visit History:
Our powerful yet simple interface allows you to quickly view the entire visit history of the patient, allowing you to at a glance gain a full perspective of the patient and all of their prior visits.
Advanced Image Viewing:
Integration with DICOM helps to view & quickly zoom in & scroll with ease. The viewer is tailored specific to the specialty for maximum efficiency.
Efficient Interface: Our interface is blazing fast, & will not slow you down. You will only click when you absolutely have to. Our software anticipates your next move and opens dialogs up automatically
Embedded Drawings:
External & Retinal Drawings are embedded into the Slit Lamp Examination & Retina Exam Drawing, Extra ocular movement, contact lens work up, for quick, easy drawings.
Practice Management Interfaces:
Our system is designed to interface with any software for maximum efficiency. Through HL7, our software can automatically pull patient demographics, appointments; check in status, etc from 3rd party software.
Built-in Cross Coding:
Our system alerts you if you selected a diagnosis that will not pay for the charge.
Intuitive Interface:
The software interface is designed with the end user in mind. Most users can quickly figure out how to use the software without any advanced training.
Self Healing:
Our software verifies the computing environment on every start, and self heals any problems that may occur automatically. This assures you that most problems will resolve themselves without having to call in for support.
Interface Guarantee :
Although our software already interfaces with most common devices, if we are not already interfaced with your Ophthalmic machine, we can develop it rapidly.
Note: Diagnostic Machines with no feasible method of connectivity, have reached end of life, or are not supported by the vendor will not qualify for this guarantee.
Multi-lingual support:
Available in multiple languages.
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