Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
Other Features
Performance of the departments can be properly traced using the cost centre approach
Provides a stand alone, server-side Solution for Medical Management
Reduces up front investment and maintenance costs
Accommodates multiple simultaneous users
An eagle's eye on all the activities at a glance
Gives leverage to the growth of the institution by making room for more expansion and increases the activities within the same resources
Managerial decision-making becomes faster and easy
‘Library of symptoms' feature assists doctors in faster diagnosis
Ensures right information at the right time
Reliable Security Management System against unauthorized data access
In a nutshell, it reduces cost of operation, improves efficiency and spurs growth

Elevate all aspects of patient care to a new level
Integration of all the departments by one 'mouse click’
Maintain a better Patient relationship
Empower employees with web-based functionality
Easy access to patient information
Provide timely and accurate information
Gain strong financial controls
Reduce time spent on documentation
Ensure that the most up-to-date information is at your staff's fingertips
Reduce front office overhead
Accurate doctor appointment and scheduling
Instantly create, update & retrieve medical records
Manage pharmaceutical stockpile
Gain timely access to financial information
Cost & Resource Efficient
Lower inventory costs
Streamline Human Resources & Payroll processing
Increase productivity and minimize training with this easy-to-use solution
System Technology
Front end
Microsoft .NET with ASP.Net & VB.Net

Back end
Microsoft SQL Server 200/2005/2008
Oracle 10g/11g (As per the need of the customer)
It uses a three tier architecture.
Uses a concept of disconnected database system.

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