Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
Security & Backup
This module is used to define the access permissions to all the related modules within the System. Security is implemented using User Roles wherein every User is assigned to a particular Role. The access rights or permissions are defined on this roles.
Features of User roles:
Depending upon the scope of a particular role in the System access permissions are set.
Access to each module as well as screens within these modules is controlled by set of roles.
The levels of access for each module or screen are divided into set of operations that can be performed on the given screen. This operations or rights are as follows:
Edit: This right controls whether users can update any existing information within the System.
Add: It controls the insertion of information from a particular Screen.
Delete: It controls deletion of information from the System
View: This right defines whether User has permission to view existing information.
Print: Defines whether User can print any information from the System.

Report: Controls whether user can view any of the system-generated reports.
Authorize: This right is related to various billing and payment screens and defines whether a given user can finalize the respective Bills.
Access rights are defined on per module basis in a matrix form.
Every user login is authenticated against an authority which in this case is the information stored in database.
On each Screen call the rights for the current user are used to set various screen controls. These rights govern subsequent operations.
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