Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
  Surgery Management
The Surgery module provides information on the availability of Doctors, Equipment/Tools in order to maximize usage of Surgery Schedules, Surgery Notes from Nurses, Anesthetist and Surgeons. It maintains Surgical and Medical Stock information.
It is fully integrated with Dewsoft’s Hospital Cura modules to allow for fast interactive updating of costs and patient billing information. Proper utilization of this easy-to-use software provides an accurate method of tracking supply usage and time allocated to a case, insuring that there will be no lost charges in your Operating Rooms.
Surgery Scheduling: Allows the allotment, cancellation and rescheduling of surgeries
Reservation and scheduling patients for surgery.
Capture surgeon & surgery details
Scheduling Anesthesiologists
Preparing an surgery dossier: The dossier for each surgery is prepared by the system once the doctor performs the surgery & logs into the system
Entering surgery record: Assists in entering and validating the detailed surgery record including registering items used against the patient for the surgery
Entering Anesthesia record: Assists in entering and validating the detailed Anesthesia record along with the provision for maintaining Post-op progress.
Generates Reports to analyze the surgery
Intuitive user-centric interface that requires minimal user training
Saves Patient's and Hospital's turn around time
A software tool that reduces your workload while increasing your customer satisfaction.
Offers a wide variety of modules that help you better organize your Operating Theatre.
Print outs of staff schedules for surgery bookings
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