Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
Ward Management
Ward Management facilitates to add new ward in hospital under particular wing and floor combination. It also includes bed management, bed allocation, bed transfer and the necessary report generation. Doctors & Nurses can be allocated to each ward.

Bed Management :
New bed can be defined under a particular ward.
Status of the bed can be selected that is either occupied/unoccupied or isolated.
Bed rate can be specified against each credit companies (paying party) and class.
Bed Allocation :
The system allows selecting patient to assign bed from already existing patient list. It also provides the option to change the bed class & itís ward.
Bed Transfer :
The system allows the patient to be transferred from one bed to another and accordingly change his/her class or ward.
Inventory Management :
The Inventory control module will help you reduce your inventory burden by tracking actual usages and projecting future needs based on case load.
Pre-Operative, Intra-Operative & Post-Operative Notes.
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