Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
What is H-Cura
On-Line H-Cura

Hospital Cura - A product from trusted and quality software development house for medium to larger hospitals.

It provides complete computerization of all the activities in an Hospital and designed in such a way that extra customization (depending on the hospital) is economical, feasible and faster.

e-PMR (Electronic Patient Medical Records)
Patient Medical History
Patient Treatment
Patient Appointments
Patient Bills
Doctor - Patient Relationship

The software's unique architecture assist Doctor's to monitor their patient from anywhere in the world.Hence, the doctor - patient relationship is well-versed in the software.

Dewsoft’s Hospital Cura, a Hospital Management System (HMS) is powerful, flexible, easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to general and multi-speciality hospitals, high-tech labs, medical stores and all types of health centres. And more importantly it is backed by reliable and dependable Dewsoft team support.

Dewsoft’s Hospital Cura software provides the benefits of streamlining of operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response & cost control thereby leading to improved profitability. It enables better patient care, patient safety, efficiency and reduced costs.

It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

It would enable hospitals or Nursing Homes to serve the rapidly growing number of health care consumers in a cost-effective manner. It can also save extra money on your current computer hardware shopping.

1 million patient records and thousands of software users Handles more that 10,000 out-patients and 6,000 in-patients per day Consistent performance for more than 5 years at multiple sites

ERP Concepts

Brief of ERP :
Enterprise Resource Planning is the latest high-end solution information technology has lent to business application. The ERP solutions seek to streamline and integrate operation processes and information flows in the hospital to synergise the resources of a hospital namely men, material, money and equipments through information. Initially implementation of an ERP package was possible only for big Multi nationals due to a high cost involved. Today many hospitals in India have gone in for implementation of ERP to gain competitive advantage by leveraging exceptional customer service.

Need for ERP :
A lot of hospitals across the world have realized that in a rapidly changing environment it is impossible to create and maintain a custom designed software package, which will cater to all their requirements, and at the same time be an advanced one. Realizing the requirements of the user, some of the leading software companies have designed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that will offer an integrated software solution to all the functions of a hospital.

Features of ERP :
Some of the major features of an ERP and what it can do for the business system are stated below:
ERP facilitates hospital-wide Integrated Information System covering all functional areas like Operation Theatres, Pathology Laboratories, Patient Wards, Visiting Doctors, Medical Stores, Radiology Laboratories, Blood Bank, Kitchen and Laundry Services, Administrative offices etc.,
ERP performs core hospital activities and increases customer service thereby augmenting the overall Hospital Image.
ERP bridges the information gap across the hospital
ERP provides for complete integration of systems not only across the departments in a hospital but also across all the hospitals under the same management.
ERP also allows automatic introduction of latest technologies like Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Internet, Intranet, E-Commerce and Video conferencing.
ERP eliminates the most of the business problems like Material shortages, Productivity enhancements, Customer service, Cash Management, Inventory problems, Quality problems, Prompt delivery etc.,
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